Let’s talk off-note: Marine notes

Let’s talk off-note: Marine notes

After the episode devoted to bitter off-notes, today’s focus is on MARINE off-notes. Depending on the person, the dosage and the time of day, marine notes can be an invitation to escape or, on the contrary, provoke a feeling of disgust. After all, who hasn’t winced at the thought of eating seaweed? Properly dosed, marine notes can be fresh and iodized, but at first glance they are often unappreciated. Yet seabed products have many virtues.

Marine products and their benefits.


Fish, seaweed, seafood and even minerals: our marine expanses abound in nutrient-rich resources. Nevertheless, their marine tastes are often pronounced, with notes of silt or muddy water.

Here are a few examples:

  • Spirulina: has antioxidant properties, supports the immune system and helps with weight management.


  • Cod liver oil: rich in vitamins A, D and E, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease and supports brain and central nervous system health.


  • Fucus: reduces heartburn and is a popular slimming aid for slimming diets and detox treatments.


  • Collagen: provides great elasticity, ensures cohesion between tissues and organs, and participates in tissue regeneration.

Spirulina, cod liver oil, bladderwrack and collagen are good for our health, but remain difficult to accept from a gustatory point of view when they are present in our food or dietary supplements.

How can we improve the taste profile of a product with too strong a marine note?


To overcome the problem of marine off-notes in your products, discover MaskOver, a natural masking solution* that reduces or masks the presence of bad tastes and odors. With MaskOver, you can enhance the organoleptic profile of your products to achieve the product’s taste acceptability, which is essential for consumers.

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