Inventor of the first and only odor neutralizer:
Norasystem is effective on the main sources of olfactory nuisance, it mineralizes and finally eliminates in a natural way the smelly molecules.

The fields of application are numerous, from our close environment such as domestic pollution to our living environment such as industries and other environmental activities related to waste treatment. The definitive elimination of bad odors directly in manufactured products or the contribution of an “anti-odor” feature in them is certainly the most original efficiency that allows us to rediscover the pleasure of a healthy and natural air .


Treatment of olfactory pollution in the air

Air is a vital, common and still unregulated resource. The first criterion of the quality of the air objectifiable by any eco-citizen remains its smell. Sustainable economic activity must take into account its environment and its people.

The Norasystem solution against environmental olfactory pollution acts by combined catalysis. Norasystem triggers a mineralization reaction of the odorant molecules, which therefore find their natural state stable, non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment.

The NORASYSTEM product line is used in many industries:
Sanitation: urban or industrial wastewater treatment plant, networks, sewage treatment, storage and transport of sludge, solar drying greenhouse …
Waste treatment: collection and transport, containers, skips …
Industry: agro-food industry, petrochemicals, metallurgy, cement works, fertilizer manufacturing, process chimneys in industries …
Composting: plants, sludge, manure …
Communities: hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, industrial kitchen extraction and fastfoods …
Livestock: treatment of manure and livestock odors.

Olfactory depollution of manufactured products

Norasystem solution brings “end-of-smell” functionality to the finished product by treating intrinsic odors
related to the use of certain additives or smelly raw materials.

Norasystem benefits :
Increase of the added value of the product.
– Creation of smart anti-odor materials and products

The Norasystem solution finds its application in the sectors :
– Polymers: biopolymers, polymers & recycled plastics
and regenerated, paints, automobile, packaging
– Amendments & organic fertilizers (labeled)
– cosmetics
– Of detergency
– Etc.