Phodé Sciences

Phodé Sciences is a research and development company belonging to the Phodé Group, and works in close partnership with some of the biggest international research units. Phodé Sciences has a profound understanding of the mechanisms of action carried out by olfactory molecules and plant extracts on the cerebral ecosystem and, more specifically, their impact on stress physiology, appetite and behaviour, and uses this knowledge to improve the Better-being and health of humans and animals.

Research programs and international publications have earned Phodé Sciences recognition as one of the first laboratories in the world to fully grasp the direct interactions between stress, appetite and sensitivity to bacterial attacks.

All Phodé solutions are positioned as sustainable alternatives and benefit from technologies owned by Phodé Sciences and protected by international patents.

Their efficacy is scientifically validated by cerebral imaging, via our exclusive university partners and several scientific trials conducted by our worldwide industrial partners in the fields of nutrition, health and the environment.



In keeping with the Phodé Group’s research, the company’s solutions ultimately focus on “Better-being”.
Better-being: the founding concept of the Phodé Group, applicable to all living beings and describing an improvement in the individual’s general condition, resulting in better performance and better health.

Lines of research

Research and development are two key pillars involved in creating all Phodé Group solutions.
In order to meet the challenges of the future, the Phodé Group has developed a plan of action based on three themes


Research programme exploring the interactions between the olfactory sense and the cerebral ecosystem (Central Nervous System/Enteric Nervous System/Microbiota).


Exploration programme into new natural functional active ingredients that contribute to Better-being.


Research and development programme for new technologies, and innovative galenics and engineering.


The Phodé Group uses a holistic approach and considers living beings to be complex organisms which interact with their environment

The Phodé Group uses a holistic approach and considers living beings to be complex organisms which interact with their environment.


In order to explain its scientific approach, the Phodé Group has developed the unique concept of the “cerebral ecosystem”, which is based on the understanding of the three organs which interpret information within the living being to coordinate a physiological response:

  • the central nervous system
  • the enteric nervous system
  • the microbiota

This scientific approach has enabled the Phodé Group to obtain pioneering expertise in the physiological impact of olfactive molecules on the cerebral ecosystem and on behaviour, in order to improve Better-being and health, making the Phodé Group one of the global leaders in sensorial and functional additives.


The Phodé Group structures its various research programmes around the expertise of a network including more than 100 global scientific and industrial partners in the fields of health and nutrition. The Phodé Group’s collective innovation approach unites various players in research and development in order to create an environment that fosters the emergence of new, unique and original ideas.

To transform an idea into a product, Phodé Group research teams have exclusive access to the latest technologies such as cerebral imaging, which enables researchers to observe the brain’s response while performing a cognitive task.
For the Phodé Group, open innovation is a means of broadening fields of knowledge to create modern, state-of-the-art solutions.

The Laboratories

The Laboratories are a fundamental part of the Phodé Group. They harbour three units of expertise which guarantee the highest quality for all our solutions

Analysis Unit:

Develops specific analytical methodologies for each new project.

Quality Control Unit:

Applies a quality management approach in compliance with reference documents ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FAMI QS.

Development Unit:

Implements innovative technological solutions in the fields of galenics and aromatic substances.