Stress and Anxiety: Understanding and Managing

Stress and Anxiety: Understanding and Managing

According to an IFOP study for MES BIENFAITS, 95% of French people aged 18 and over say they have at least one major source of stress or anxiety*, making stress and anxiety, the daily negative emotions to combat.

What is stress?

Stress is defined as the body’s reactions, both emotional and physical, to a particular situation or stress factors. Stress is a natural reaction, provided it is not excessive.

On the other hand, chronic stress can be considered pathological and can lead to digestive disorders, headaches, sleep disorders and other psychological and physiological problems.

By affecting health and behaviour, stress creeps into everyday life and alters well-being. Given this reality, it is essential to understand the mechanisms of stress and anxiety in order to combat them more effectively.

Fighting stress with an olfactory active ingredient

The brain is the centre for managing our reaction to stress. It is also directly linked to our olfactory sense, and scents can have beneficial effects on the management of emotions, particularly stress. Our research into the benefits of aromatic molecules and their effects on behaviour and physiology has enabled us to develop an olfactory active ingredient for nutraceuticals: Innolphae®. Designed to help reduce stress levels and promote mental well-being, it will have anxiolytic and antidepressant effects and reduce chronic stress.
See our infographic to find out more about stress!

*IFOP study for MES BIENFAITS / Report n°715-197/ March 2022