Phodé interviews – Marion Allaoua

Interview Marion Allaoua

Phodé interviews – Marion Allaoua

Phodé interviews is a new appointment with which we take you behind the scenes of the company.

With this first episode, you can discover the work of Marion Allaoua, researcher for the Animal Care activity at Phodé for over 8 years.

Her passion for biology was born from her first science work at school. It was during her thesis that Marion joined the company by adhering to our research vision: to improve the well-being of farm animals through olfactory solutions.

Through this video you will discover the work of our researchers in sensory solutions for animal feed, but also that of our laboratory technicians specialised in galenics.

Marion Allaoua and her research director, Virginie Noirot, are studying the impact of olfactory molecules on feed consumption but also on the functioning of the brain and the microbiota.

This research has given rise to a number of innovative solutions that act via olfaction on the brain with concrete applications for livestock farming, such as :

  • VeO, a neuro-sensory solution that helps livestock cope with periods of stress. Cannibalism or fighting in pig farming, pecking or scratching in poultry farming? These behaviours are manifestations of stress, VeO effectively helps to manage the negative expressions of stress-related behaviours.
  • Cristalfeed is a range of functional flavourings using our olfaction science to enhance palatability and ensure proper consumption. Whatever the origin of the lack of palatability: change of raw materials, reformulations or dietary transition.
  • Olpheel is a range of solutions dedicated to aquaculture (salmon and shrimp). The Olpheel range combines a wellness and performance approach, targeting challenges such as stress reduction, support of natural defences, or stimulation of appetite and feed intake.

    Discover all our solutions on the Animal Care page.

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Our research work is the subject of regular scientific publications, please consult our R&D page.

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