The Innolphae Chronicle: Episode 1 – Discovering an olfactory sensory active ingredient

The Innolphae Chronicle: Episode 1 – Discovering an olfactory sensory active ingredient

We are delighted to introduce you to your new appointment: “The Innolphae® Chronicle”. In this series of videos, we present our active ingredient, its specific features and the support we offer during the development of a dietary supplement containing Innolphae®.

🎥 Episode 1: Discovering Innolphae® with Antoine, our Sales Director

We begin this new series with a presentation by Antoine Maillet,Human Care Sales Director, who takes you into the sensory world of Phodé.

When you watch this episode, you’ll be able to :

    • Discover our active ingredient and its benefits
    • Its mode of action
    • Read the results of our use test.

Innolphae® is much more than just an ingredient that will go into the composition of your dietary supplement: it’s a scientific innovation that pushes back the boundaries of the sensory experience and will help you stand out from the crowd thanks to its innovative mode of action.

💡 Innolphae® mode of action

Innolphae® opens up a new world of possibilities. It uses the retronasal route to act directly on the areas of the brain involved in emotions and specifically targets the electrical activity of serotonin neurons (the happiness hormone), for a rapid and effective anti-stress response.
🚀 A usage test

We carried out a usage test with 100 women aged between 25 and 40 for 30 days.

  • 84% of respondents approved the dosage
  • 92% of respondents followed the treatment to the end.
  • 92% of respondents approved of the taste.

To find out more, visit our Innolphae page or contact Antoine and his team at

Look out for our second episode of the Innolphae Chronicle in a few weeks’ time, which will tell you more about the challenges of compliance.

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