Innolphae® celebrates 1 year!

Innolphae® celebrates 1 year!

This September, we are celebrating the first year of Innolphae®. It’s already been 1 year since we launched our Innolphae® olfactory active ingredient.

What is Innolphae®?

Innolphae® is a sensory anti-stress active ingredient for food supplements. Our teams have researched and developed an active ingredient which passes through the retronasal route to act directly on the areas of the brain involved in emotions. Innolphae® is derived from the essential oil fraction of Citrus Sinensis, and acts on serotonin receptors and neurons. Innolphae® will have anxiolytic, antidepressant and chronic stress-relieving effects.

The Innolphae® anniversary

To mark the occasion, we invite you to watch the video of Pauline Caussanel, Nutraceuticals Project Manager, who highlights 5 good reasons to include Innolphae® in your food supplements. Innolphae® is an innovative active ingredient in terms of its mode of action, manufacturing process and user approval.