Face tail biting with VeO

Managing times of stress

Why do pigs bite?

Tail biting is a syndrome caused by stress such as density, heat variations, etc..


The economical and welfare consequences of tail biting are important. In a study conducted by Niemi et al.*, they reported that, at 10% of tail biting lesions, the economic loss is as 1.6 % of carcass value.


Taking a good care of the external factors is a must-have if you want to keep your pigs with an entire tail.


However, even the best farmer can still face tail biting outbreak because of the animal itself. Indeed, the sensibility to stress is an individual parameter.

*Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Seven Measures to Reduce Tail Biting Lesions in Fattening Pigs (07/09/2021)
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VeO Swine: the solution to face it!



              Dr. Marco Antonio Soto Flores

———  Veterinary Consultant Pigs in the

              Michoacana region of Mexico

“As soon as we began using the product, we noticed a significant decrease in the number of animals showing signs of nervousness. Sometimes, you don’t realize there’s an illness, and stress causes underlying symptoms to appear. Our animals are therefore much calmer and the mortality rate during transport has decreased.”**

**extract from a video interview 
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Efficacy of VeO Swine!

VeO Swine efficacy has been proven in multiple scientific trials and field studies under various conditions, in different countries.

Its benefits to counteract tail biting has been recently published at the ISAE 2022 scientific congress. Discover in our Challenge sheet the benefits of using VeO Swine :

  • increase the number of pigs without any tail lesions
  • decrease the number of lesions and their severity
  • leading also to higher pig welfare
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Discover VeO swine benefits and how its sensory mode of action helps you to counteract tail biting in your farms.


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How to use VeO Swine!

VeO swine exists in powder and liquid form. You will use it before and during the targeted stress period. Its unique formula and dosage make it simple to use for all species and at all stages of physiological development!


* Some packaging formats may not be available in some geographic regions. Some product claims may not be authorised under the legislation in force. Product availability may vary from country to country. Please contact Phodé Laboratories

POWDER 25kg bag
LIQUID 1L - 5L - 25L

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