Phodé, master of the secret of intelligent flavours

Phodé, master of the secret of intelligent flavours

Thanks to its sensory additives, widely used in animal feed, Phodé is growing exponentially. From Albi, the group shines all over the world.

“The only innate behavior is the search for pleasure.” Starting from this aphorism, Daniel Eclache, founder of the company Phodé, is today at the head of a group that radiates across 50 countries from its base in Terssac. The company specializing in the development of sensory additives is experiencing insolent, double-digit growth that is making the world’s giants jealous.

The key to this success? “Smart flavours”, mainly used in farm animal feed. The former veterinarian, who worked for 15 years with farmers in the Aspe Valley, had a flair for genius in developing his patented formulas. The first ones were created 21 years ago. And research is ongoing to improve them or find new ones.

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Author : David Monnery